We chose an under slider liftgate for two reasons. 1. The platform is larger than most tuck under liftgates. 2. The frame of the truck does not need to be modified to install the under slider gate. Our gate is a Palfinger ILUK 33, 3300# capacity with a platform sized at 74” x 94”, the gate weighs in at only 1180 lbs.

There are safety features that we really have taken advantage of. First, there are “flaps” that flip up out of the surface of the platform, preventing anything on wheels from rolling off the end of the platform. These will latch down to get out of the way once the platform is on the ground.

Next, the platform can be operated three ways. You can use the main controls on the side of the truck, or you can use the remote that plugs into the main control box, or you can use the foot controls. Yes, that’s right, foot controls. There are two buttons built into the deck that when stepped on in a certain sequence, the platform will raise or lower depending on the sequence.

There are flashing LED lights on the rear edge of the platform facing rearward and to each side. These are cast into an aluminum housing that is shaped so that it can be stepped on or run over with a pallet jack without damaging it. These are great for alerting people to be cautious near the truck.

The platform is self-leveling. No matter what angle of the slope we have encountered, the gate will keep the load level until it reaches the ground. At this point, the gate will go ahead and lower the leading edge down to the ground to allow the freight to be rolled off or on without a large drop or lift. This in combination with the foot controls allows the operator to maintain a hold on the freight all the way to or from the ground.

For us, the under slider liftgate will be on all of our trucks. I really like the idea of the frame of the truck going all the way to the rear of the box. Tuck under gates typically removes about three feet of truck frame to accommodate the gate. Removing that frame leaves only the frame of the box, I don’t believe it’s made to handle the weight of a forklift running in and out of the box.

The downside is they are a bit more expensive, but they are German engineered, so we have had few issues and they have a good warranty. 


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