When some think of oil sampling, they are referring to that store in the mall that sells different infusions of olive oil. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy sampling the different flavors, but I’m talking about drawing a sample of oil from your engine. Once drawn, you mail the sample to a lab to be tested for anything that might be amiss in the engine.

You can also have the oil tested in the transmission and differentials, you can even have the coolant tested. All testing is done by comparing your sample to a sample of new oil, then comparing the results with a history from your component brand. The lab will also have a record of  the normal wear metals for the milage for that model and brand of engine. The additive package of the oil will be checked for depletion. This package is different in every oil, even oils from the same supplier.

Wear metals, fuel, water, and coolant are some of the things the lab can evaluate and compare to your previous samples. When it’s your first sample, your sample will be compared to new oil and engine histories of the same milage in the labs database. Sample kits can be purchased from your favorite Freightliner dealer or engine dealer. The price includes the lab fee’s and some provide postage as well. I got our kits from our local Detroit shop and was able to set up the account info with a simple phone call, that way we can track each component and unit individually.

Once the sample is drawn and mailed in, then processed, you will get an email with the results, comparisons and any recommendations. If there is a very serious problem you will get a phone call with urgent recommendations to prevent more serious damage. The video will show you where and how to draw a sample from a Detroit DD series engine.


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