In this video, I review tool basics. What is an end wrench? Which is the most common screwdriver? Why shouldn’t you buy bargain bin tools? Can you live without Vise grips? Which ones do I think are most used and why? Pliers, good ones, are an essential tool. Crescent wrench, a positive or a negative tool addition.

A healthy toolbox is not going to be cheap but it will be in your best interests in the long run. You will be happier for not having skint knuckles from broken tools just by spending a little more now. It’s not necessary to break the bank but quality tools can be a lifesaver, cheap tools can be a liability. There is a level of tools that are between professional and I can’t believe I wasted money on these tools, get the best you can afford.

The suggestions in this video are my idea of a starter toolbox. I believe every truck should be equipped with some sort of tool assortment. If nothing else you may save time by doing simple tasks yourself instead of waiting to get into a shop. I know not everyone has mechanical skills, I get that, however, there are some things that can be done by anyone that can open a jar.

Time is money, waiting to get into a shop for a simple repair that you could do yourself is costing you, in more ways than one. Some repairs don’t even need tools, just common sense. If you think you can do it but don’t know how don’t be afraid to ask someone. Everyone had to learn somehow. Some shops will give advice for free, just ask.

Be safe out there!


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