I have been cleaning glass for many years but I just did what was necessary to get the job done. If the truth was told I was never completely happy with the results, until now. I have decided to learn how to detail the truck, and or our cars, to a higher level. I got online and started watching videos about this, I had no idea there are so many products devoted to all the different parts of a vehicle. From paint to interior to glass, under the vehicle and under the hood, there is a specific product made to make that part look better.
Some parts of the car and detailing products require tools that I didn't have, so I did spend a few dollars on tools and microfiber towels. Microfiber towels are a must for detailing EVERYTHING. If you do some research about microfiber towels you will never use anything to clean and/or detail again. There are specific instructions on care of microfiber, follow these instructions closely to keep your microfiber investment lasting for years. There are many different styles of microfiber for use in different situations, from beginning of the cleaning process to the final polishing of the surface.
After doing some price shopping I found microfiber towels online, and had them shipped to my home. For my first order of microfiber towels, I went for the towels I knew I would use the most; glass and general detail exterior. I chose two types of glass towels, one for the heavy cleaning, one for final polish and applying sealants. I made sure to get different colored towels for the different jobs I had to do with each. My heavy glass cleaning is a waffle weave in light blue. The glass finish polish is a medium green. My general exterior towels are yellow. I bought in bulk from www.microfiberwholesale.com , you do what's best for you.
In the video we clean the glass with a glass cleaner without ammonia. We then clay the glass, this involves an automotive clay kit available at any auto parts store. I got mine in the automotive section at WalMart. It is sold to work on paint before waxing but works great on glass. We then cleaned the glass again using ammonia free glass cleaner. The windshield is now as clean as its going to get but we need to seal it with an aqua phobic sealer that will help us clean the windshield easier next time.
Again, I did my research on detailing and found several products that claim to do the same thing. After reading some reviews written by professional detailers, I chose Griot's Garage Glass Sealant. I have found it works very well and lasts for months even going thru the commercial truck washes. I did have to order this and ordered it from autogeek.net, they do have some fantastic products in many brands for all over detailing. Shop at your own risk, detailing becomes addictive.
After sealing the windshield we cleaned the rest of the windows. We did not seal the side windows or mirrors, did the mirrors once, never again. I do not recommend sealing the inside of any automotive glass. In the next video we will do the interior glass surfaces.


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