Keeping a positive attitude in business is very important. Every day it seems we are constantly bombarded with bad news from media and social outlets regarding the downward spiral of the economy and any hopes of continued business success. Many people would have a better perspective and see the glass half full if we could just hear more upbeat positive news.

Think about your own experiences when going into a business establishment. Would you rather shop in a positive environment or negative one? You may visit a restaurant and can tell that the server is not happy to be waiting on you and acts as if they would rather be anywhere else than at work serving your table. For myself, I enjoy patronizing a restaurant where the server seems interested and cares about the service that he/she is about to offer our table. They may offer a kind greeting with a smile. When they take the order, it appears that they want to offer the best quality of service by offering up suggestions for your meal, a recommended wine or special dessert.

In today’s business climate…attitude is everything. When you meet prospective shippers or consignees, it’s important to create a positive impression. You want the people around you to feel your positive energy. Most people want to work with somebody who is positive. Creating this environment will surely enable you to draw in more customers. The opposite is likely when you exhibit a negative attitude. Customers may not want to do business with you and your business can then deteriorate. Maintaining a positive attitude gives us confidence and energy to carry out the best work we can at our jobs. Business and the economy will forever be changing and if we can maintain a healthy attitude, our minds can better adapt to making the necessary changes within our business to meet the economic climate and market conditions.

To maintain a strong, healthy attitude in business it’s necessary to see the opportunities within challenges that may appear to seem hopeless. Stay positive even when you are experiencing a bad day as not to bring others down around you. Whenever possible, surround yourself with positive people. Stay focused on your business goals and revisit them to make any changes needed along the way.

The trucking industry is a people business and therefore it’s important to create a positive environment wherever we can. We have enough negative energy feeding us every day and it’s up to each of us to create a positive business environment for ourselves and those around us.


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