Learn how to maintain a good CSA score by watching the video below.

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Terry OConnell

After a 30 year U.S. Coast Guard career, Terry and his wife René, obtained their CDLs and began a 19 year adventure in expediting. In 2008, he entered his third career working for the Safety Department of an interstate carrier.

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Thanks Linda and Joe. I just submitted a script. Heather and the crew put into an easy to understand presentation.

Now that we know that the ISS is the primary tool used by inspectors to select the next truck for a roadside inspection, it would seem appropriate for all drivers to perform a proper PTI. In addition, all company drivers should help their fellow drivers when a defect is noted on another company truck. A great way to lower a company's ISS score. is to help keep all of the company trucks compliant, not just the one you're driving.

June 27, 2013 21:39:39 PM

Terry that is great information and the video layout is AWESOME! Great Job

June 27, 2013 15:54:02 PM

Terry, this is an excellent presentation. I especially liked how the presentation accurately depicts the criteria used to selct trucks for inspections. There is a lot of CSA fearmongering going on and maintaining equipment to pass an inspection is one of the easiest proactive strategies to maintain a low vehicle maintenance percentile ranking. At CVSA's spring workshop, it was announced that 40% of inspections being uploaded are now "clean inspections" - no defects found. That is up 7 whole percentage points from 2 years ago.

June 27, 2013 13:00:56 PM