Lucky Break?

On June 12th, I broke my foot. I ran 180 miles in the month of April. Over a 20 say span ending June 10th I finished a marathon, 2 10ks - even placed 3rd in my age group once-, and a local 5k. For a 58 year old trucker, I was feeling good about myself. The next leg on my plan was to really work on my 5k time, after I went on vacation for a week to visit 2 of my grandkids. 

It was a good plan. As often happens good plans, don't work out. 10 minutes after my arrival I was shooting hoops with my grand daughter. I was leaping high enough to slip thick pieces of paper under my feet and having a ball. Apparently my landings needed more work. After one of my astonishing gravity defying leaps, I heard a crack. Fell down. My foot hurt. It was broken and I was just starting my vacation.

When I got home, I visited with an orhopedic specialist. He looked at the break and told me that I was lucky. The break did not require surgery. It would heal on its own. I could not run for 12 weeks. As the bridge tender said, "I've had wosre." The 12 weeks are up and I am cautiously starting to run. Over the summer I did see my regular Doc. and she said that cardio wise I was good to go - I was 10 pounds lighter that at the same time last year. My vitals were good - just be patient. As of writing this, I have run 1.25 miles at 10:54 pace. By the time that it publishes, I hope to be at 2 miles and 10 minute pace. 

I am thinking ahead to the Green Bay Marathon next may. Last year, I started training in November. This year, I am starting 2 months earlier and 10 pounds light. I am optimistic.This year I will be qualifying as a 60 year old. My Boston qualifying time is 3:55. Maybe this is the year. My optimism is being fueled by hard work on the eliptical and the weights. Once again, I have adjusted my schedule to get to the gym 3 times per week. The older one gets the more important cross training becomes. It helps prevent injuries.

We have the Truckin' Runners Virtual 5k coming up October 22-28. Each year our Facebook group holds a 5k. It is free to enter. You will be able to purchase a virtual 5k shirt. Proceeds will benefit the St. Christopher's Fund. Last year we raised over $700 and hope to top $1,000 this year. 

It is my tradition to run a "real" 5k while simultaneously running the virtual 5k. I encourage truckers to get involved with local events. I will be wearing a Truckin' Runners shirt from previous years. This draws attention from other runners and often leads to conversations about our industry. It humanizes truckers in the eyes of runners. That is a good thing. 

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Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark of Kewaunee, WI has been driving a truck for 24 years. He has been an owner operator for 11 years.

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