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It's that time of year again where the truck show season is in full swing. Most shows have everything from live music, delicious food, show trucks with a bountiful amount of chrome and lights, and many other things that could make its own encyclopedia-sized list. Usually, these shows are about two to three days depending on the show. 

But did you know there are also a lot of things at these shows that could help your trucking business and if you're new to trucking, could also help you jumpstart your trucking career? Today I will go over some of these things to help you try to maximize the time you have at these shows so not only can you enjoy the sights and sounds but also get some information from other parts of the show that aren't talked about as much. Here’s what I do when I prepare to attend a show:

  • First, when the registration opens, I register early for the VIP access. With VIP access you can get into the main show a little earlier than the general public so you can check out vendors and ask questions. During regular hours it can be hectic for sure, so it’s nice to get in early.
  • Next, I go over the entire schedule of events. During some of these shows, there are panels and seminars discussing different topics in the trucking industry and also individuals giving advice on topics such as how to maximize your bottom line and negotiate with customers. There may be two seminars going on at the same time, so checking out the schedule is important to plan which seminars will be most beneficial to you.
  • After that, I check the entire list of vendors attending. By doing this, I can make a prioritized list of which vendors I want to visit with the most. For example, if I'm looking into different types of tires I'll choose those vendors over fuel system vendors on my list because that's my main focus. 
  • Last, I check to see which vendors and organizations are offering special rates during the show. If you're looking into joining an organization or making a purchase, this could be an ideal time to see what they are offering.

A big thing I enjoy is the aftershow because once the main events are over for the day, this gives you an opportunity to socialize and network with fellow drivers, which can greatly help if you are seeking advice from someone in a different field or stage of their career than you happen to be in. 

In conclusion, I would say there are many benefits and opportunities for attending a truck show. If you happen to get the chance to go, I would recommend attending at least one! They're fun and exciting but also educational too. If you’re looking for information on transitioning from a company driver to a lease purchase driver or if you’re looking into getting your own authority or even growing your fleet, a truck show is a great way to learn from everyone in the industry.

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David Morreau II

David Morreau is the Owner/President of Morreau Transport LLC and is currently a lease-purchase owner-operator with Holland Enterprises, based in Fargo, North Dakota. David pulls a 53' refrigerated trailer hauling temperature sensitive cargo across the 48 states for Holland Enterprises.

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