Christmas is near and you may be stressed out about not having all of your gifts purchased. If you are still looking for gifts to give to your favorite trucker, or if you are a trucker looking to send some hints to your family and friends, check out our Last Minute Truck Driver Gift Guide. These gifts range in price, type, purpose, and function, and we guarantee you will be able to find at least one great gift that any truck driver will appreciate!

For The Trucker

Nighttime Driving Glasses


Nighttime driving glasses work great for cutting down glare while driving at night. They also provide improved visibility during hazy conditions. These glasses are available at almost any truck stop or convenience store and the price varies from cheap to expensive, similar to sunglasses.

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Leatherman All-Purpose Tool

Though the brand featured here is well known in the world of multi-tools, any good multi-function tool can be worth its weight in gold to any trucker. It’s one of those things that one may not think about all the time, but are sure glad it’s there when they need it. It’s perfect when somebody needs a quick pair of needle nose pliers or a knife to cut through some product banding on a pallet.

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3-Pack Wells Lamont Leather Gloves

Having protected hands while doing things like strapping loads down and doing a thorough pre-trip always needs to be considered. Wells Lamont pretty much sets the standard for quality leather gloves and is readily available in a three-pack at nearly every Costco, or in a smaller pack at a regular supply store. It’s always important to have several pairs on hand (no pun intended!) just in case one gets wet, or to keep one set in the jockey box just for fuel so the inside of the cab doesn’t get stinky.

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Trukr Stik


The Trukr Stik is a squeegee designed specifically for larger vehicles. One end of the squeegee is flat and sized to fit inside the side mirror; the other end is small curved squeegee to clean convex mirrors. This product is inexpensive but durable enough that it doesn’t have to be replaced very often. As an added bonus these can also be customized.

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Shoe Chains

Just like tires need chains during the winter, shoes can benefit from chains as well. They can help prevent slipping while walking outside of the truck at the truck stop or at the dock. Shoe chains are usually small and easy to slip on so they can be kept in the door pouch for when somebody is getting in and out of the truck.

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For The Truck

Seatback Organizer

Due to the limited amount of space inside the cab, a seatback organizer is a gift that any driver can appreciate. They can be simply placed on the back of the seat to keep items handy that one may need while driving, as well as keep other supplies organized. It’s light and easy to set up or store away if it isn’t going to be needed for a little while.  

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Ceramic Heaters

These heaters are small ceramic 12 V heaters that plug into a 12 V outlet that can be bought for a relatively inexpensive price.  These are a nice, cheap way to add some warmth to your cab without having to burn fuel. 

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Seatback Massager

No matter how nice a truck cab seat is, long hours of driving every day can often lead to moments of discomfort. Massage out some of those kinks while going about your daily duties with one of these to make the miles a little less tedious on the body.

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Drive Bin Trash Container


While most people are content just hanging a plastic bag somewhere in the truck for their trash, there are those that want something a little less unsightly. The drive bin provides a collapsible semi-soft sided design that can strap to a lot of places inside the truck. This provides a more aesthetic look to the cab than having a plastic bag of trash hanging around. It comes with a custom-made set of liners and can be re-ordered online when they run out.

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Seat Cushion

An orthopedic memory foam seat cushion is perfect for truck drivers as they are sitting down for most of the day. These seat cushions give great relief from back aches and pains that one might feel while sitting. A good seat cushion can help improve poor posture, improper spine alignment, pinched nerves, and other orthopedic problems. If somebody is having problems with back pain while driving, this could be the perfect gift for them.

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There are many options when it comes to wireless headphones. However, Apple AirPods definitely seem to be worth the investment for what a trucker needs in a headset. It has hands-free Bluetooth voice capability, without the messy wires or large and cumbersome headsets. They can also be used with either one earbud in at a time, or simultaneously in both ears.

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Rand McNally GPS

Similar to headphones, there are also many options when it comes to a trucking specific GPS. However, our favorite brand here at Team Run Smart is Rand McNally. Aside from the standard routing, a Rand McNally GPS also has the capability of adding weight differentials and load height for even more precise routing. Their GPS units can range in size from several inches up to a full tablet and some even have extra features such as ELD capability and built-in dashcams.

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Amazon TV 

As an added benefit to being an Amazon Prime member, many have come to enjoy the streaming video service offered. All one needs for this is a smart TV in the truck and Wi-Fi or hotspot capability. Prime video streaming service has an ample library of shows and movies to choose from and ranks right at the top of the heap with other streaming services such as Disney+ and Hulu. 

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Electro Warmth Heating Blanket


The Electro Warmth Heating Blanket is different from other heating blankets because it actually functions as a 12 V heating mattress pad. The pad attaches to the mattress and you sleep on top of it rather than underneath it. This is a great item for trying to reduce idle time while parked during the winter months.

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Electric Mug

This electric mug plugs into a 12 V outlet and works great for keeping beverages warm. If somebody is staying at a place that they know doesn’t have coffee, they can buy coffee the day before, put it in the mug, and heat it up in the morning. The mug also works great as a way to warm up soup.

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Cooking Supplies

Hot Logic Mini


The Hot Logic Mini is perfect for the truck because it’s light and portable. It’s great for either reheating or cooking meat from raw. If there are any problems with the product, the customer service is great and very responsive. It’s comparable to a crock pot as it slow cooks, cooks evenly, and doesn’t overcook anything. It works great for prepping meals on the weekend and eating them during the week.

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Sous Vide Cooker

For cooking while not on the move, sous vide cooking offers the easiest way to achieve five-star dining inside your cab. Don’t let the fancy name throw you off, it’s actually quite easy to achieve superb results with minimal effort. The immersion heater element maintains the proper cooking temperature and has a built-in timer, so food can be put in and prepared at restaurant quality.

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Electric Cooler


An electric cooler is incredibly handy for those that don’t have a refrigerator. It will keep food and/or your beverages 30 degrees below ambient temperature. Electric coolers are great because they eliminate the need and inconvenience of having to buy ice every day.

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CDL Meals

CDL Meals are a healthy, tasty, and organically sourced alternative to fast food on the road. The meals can be made in just minutes, but still end up tasting like they are prepared in a restaurant. The price of these meals is comparable to what one would spend going out to a fast food restaurant or purchasing other vegetarian meal options. They can either be set up in a meal plan where meals are sent every week or meals can be ordered one at a time.

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Single-Serve Reusable Keurig Cups 

Keurig has become a household name especially to those who don’t want to go through the hassle of brewing a pot of coffee just for a single cup. With a variety of single-cup flavors and the ability to use reusable K-cup pods, every trucker should have one of these for quick access to freshly brewed coffee without having to leave the cab.

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