When it comes to cooking in the truck, I have a lot of different tools. I have a frying pan, microwave, crock-pot, lunch box oven, soup warmer, coffee pot, a small blender for smoothies and even an electric travel mug.  However, my favorite thing to cook with is the Hot Logic Mini I received as a present last year. It’s small, convenient, uses very little power, and best of all, cooks, reheats or just keeps food warm with little effort and clean up. 

Here is how it works

The Hot Logic Mini (HLM) uses what they call Low Conduction Heat to cook, or reheat your food. Using a combination of patented Smart Software and Shelf Heating Technology, the HLM can actually sense the temperature coming from your container and cook, reheat or maintain your food.

It begins by heating to 218 F, which is hot enough to kill anything harmful. However, it leaves all the nutrients and flavors since it won't boil.

After sensing your food is cooked or reheated, it drops to 180 F to maintain the food’s temperature without drying it out or overcooking it. It will hold that temp until you decide it’s time to eat. Pretty convenient for someone on the road for hours on end. 

It’s Convenient

The HLM is very compact. Without a dish in it, it’s about an inch tall and roughly 7"X10". It weighs in at practically nothing and can be stored just about anywhere.  It runs on 120V and can be plugged into a 75-watt inverter with no problems at all. It also comes in a 12V model.  

There are no buttons or dials to operate either, just put in your food, plug it in and go about your business.  You can use any container that is microwave or dishwasher safe. The HLM can also be purchased with a 6 quart Pyrex dish with a lid that is great for cooking or reheating.

It’s Versatile

You can cook a variety of dishes in the HLM. There are even recipes on their website.  Frozen meals are a snap. Place it in the HLM, plug and go. In an hour you will have a fully cooked meal, and it will be more evenly heated than a microwave.

You can completely cook a frozen or raw chicken breast in about 2 hours. Throw in some veggies or frozen pasta and TA DA...a delicious meal.  I have done this several times and it turned out great. Frozen meats will leave some water in the bottom though, so keep this in mind.

Reheating food is equally as easy.  Put it in, plug it in and go. Many folks will prep multiple meals and reheat them as needed. This is a great money and time saver.

HLM has options

There are a couple of different sizes. I like the smaller one for use in the truck, but they do sell a "Family Sized" (9x13 casserole sized) option for use at home or if you are just a hearty eater. You can see all of their products here or on Amazon.  I have seen them at some TA's as well.  They are inexpensive and in my opinion, well worth it. It also comes in multiple colors and with different container or no container options.

There is a Facebook group that shares recipes and ideas.  Their customer service, from what I have seen on that page is very responsive.

If you are interested in purchasing a Hot Logic Mini, use the coupon code "RunSmart" and receive 20% OFF your entire order!

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Clark W Reed

Clark Reed of Roscoe, Illinois is an OTR company driver and trainer for Nussbaum Transportation based out of Hudson, Illinois. He has been driving since 2005 and has driven van, reefer, and tanker. He currently hauls dry van to all lower 48 states. Clark is passionate about MPGs and how driver habits influence them. The lifetime average of his 2018 Cascadia is 9.75 mpg, with eyes on 10. Clark, along with Henry Albert, was one of the seven drivers in 2017's "Run on Less" by NACFE, a road show, demonstrating what fuel efficiency can be obtained with existing technologies.

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