In my experience, very few people compliment businesses or their employees when they go above and beyond for their customers.  Due to that, I always feel compelled to give recognition where its due.  I want to do that now with my experience at the Petro in Florence, SC.  I recently fueled there and when I went in to pay, I was given a bag containing a granola bar, an apple, a pedometer, a bag of microwave popcorn and a brochure explaining the President's Challenge Program that TA/Petro has partnered with.  When I returned home, I went to the website to see what this was all about.  What I found out was impressive...

The following paragraph came from their website explaining the new program: "Beginning May 1, drivers will see all program components appear on the UltraONE kiosk ‘Get Moving. StayFit.’ screen. For each week in their eight-week program, drivers choose and commit to 30 minutes of physical activity per day for at least five days a week. Participants can also earn their activity credit by wearing a pedometer and logging 8,500 steps per day. All activity can be easily recorded by the driver at the UltraONE kiosk."  More information can be obtained by following this link.

I also must brag on TA & Petro's StayFit Program that's already in place that includes healthy menu options (look for the logo on the menu) and walking/running trails, fitness rooms and basketball hoops at select centers.  You can find the list here.  The Trucking Solutions Group worked directly with TA/Petro and helped bring all these good things to fruition.  By the way, Henry Albert, Linda Caffee and Jeff Clark are all members of the Trucking Solutions Group and are taking great steps in improving our industry.  Follow this link to their Facebook page and see what they're up to!

In conclusion, TA & Petro have listened to their customers and have taken great strides to give us what we want.  So the next time you have to take a break or a layover, look for one of these stops and utilize their facilties and stay fit!














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Joey Slaughter

Joey Slaughter is the owner of Blue Ridge Transport, LLC. Joey has been in the trucking industry since 1992.

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February 21, 2015


Thanks Linda, I didn't know about the website. I'll check it out! You're right Jeff, we're running out of excuses to exercise with all that's available to us now. And now the government is making us take a break! How good can it get!?

July 04, 2013 6:53:25 AM

nice-absolutely good to see TA/Petro chipping in-now it is up to us

July 03, 2013 15:11:31 PM

Thank you Joey for the link to the Trucking Solutions Group facebook page. We will be conducting a walk at GATS in conjunction with TA/Petro and we hope to see a lot of drivers there. Watch our web site for more information or to sign up

July 03, 2013 14:33:39 PM

Yes it is Amy! I'm very impressed with what TA/Petro is doing.

July 03, 2013 14:13:48 PM

Good to see the industry transforming and TA Petrol leading the change....

July 03, 2013 10:02:38 AM