I want to inform you about an app that I use on my smartphone that helps me be more productive, especially when I get back home from being on the road for a while.  I use an app called “Wunderlist”.  It’s designed to keep your life in sync by allowing you to list and organize the things that you want to do.  It’s a “to do” list on steroids.  I’m the kind of person that likes “to do” lists because it helps me complete tasks that need to be done.  I know of people that don’t like to use “to do” lists and guess what?  They usually don’t get things done or even finish what they started.

Truckers have a lot to worry about while on the road.  The attention we give to safety, navigation, service to customers, where we eat, where we sleep - is enough to occupy a majority of our thinking each day.  While being on the road, thoughts will pop up concerning what you want to accomplish when you get home again.  We all know that time at home is very valuable and can fly by at lightning speed, so planning for it is imperative in making it a success and less stressful.

This is how Wunderlist can help:  I’m a forgetful person, but when I learn of a task that I need to do, I immediately enter it into the app and it will remain there until I check if off as completed and then it’ll disappear.  If I’m ever sitting at home, thinking that I’m caught up with things I wanted to do while home, I’ll check my app to see if there’s anything left that I wanted to accomplish.

Also, I can set reminders for any task that I choose and I’ll receive an alert on my phone, reminding me about that task.  When you use the app as intended, there can never be another “I forgot” moment in your life.  The hardest part is entering the task into the app in the first place.  That’s why it’s so important to immediately enter the task in as soon as you know about it because it’ll prevent you from forgetting about it later.

In addition to “tasks to be completed”, there are other folders that you can set up to organize more areas of life.  For example, I have lists for the following:

  • Movies to watch
  • Books to Read
  • Shopping lists

As you can see there are many benefits to using Wunderlist or another task organizer on your smartphone.  As busy as we all are, using this free organization tool creates value in our lives by saving the one thing that we can’t make more of…Time.

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Joey Slaughter

Joey Slaughter is the owner of Blue Ridge Transport, LLC. Joey has been in the trucking industry since 1992.

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