One year old Squeaky


We have always had outdoor cats and our daughter has had a house cat for many years, but I was a dog person not a cat person.  Then this itty bitty scrawny sickly little black cat would not take NO for an answer.  All he knew was that he did not feel well, he was hungry, the dog wanted to play with him, and that silly human was not stepping up and solving his problem and by gosh he was going to let the world know about it.  He could meow and make more noise then any cat I had ever heard wanting to be inside the house not outside.
Well the little monster finally got our attention and he got the point across either do something or I am not going to survive much longer.  So we decided that we would add this little less then two-pound noisy black kitten to our truck.  Who knew that something so little and noisy could cost so MUCH.  We had to buy everything for him so he would be comfortable in his new life that was not under a rose bush.  
Squeaky acquired his name as he sounded like a dogs squeak toy.  Our daughters Belgian Malinois thought he was the perfect toy and while she never hurt him she loved to play with him.  She would grab him he would squeak, she would drop him, he would run, and the process would restart.  He the whole time was letting her know he did not like this game.  Now that he is bigger she is afraid and he calls the shots and she stays out of his way.  She has not figured out that she weighs 95 pounds and he weighs six pounds and he is not nearly as ferocious as he acts. 
Off we went to the store to get food dishes that would not slide all over the truck floor, small litter box, litter for the litter box, a scoop, a breakaway collar, a leash (did I mention I was a dog person?) a small harness, toys, and food dry and wet.  Squeaky as he had been named now, was used to scraps and what ever else he could find to eat, so the first thing we did was give him a severe case of diarrhea.  But oh was that little kitten happy, he wanted to touch us constantly or if not touching us we were to watch him.  We had him a week before we got into a vet and had him checked out.  Luckily all of his diarrhea had not dehydrated him but he did have worms and so he was given a wormer, medicine and we had to change his food to of course a prescription brand.  Mention the word pet prescription pet food and quadruple the price.  He took all of these changes in stride, as he really is an easygoing cat with a big mouth.
The medicine and food started working and it was time for shots, micro chipped, few more toys and then a scratching post.  We had started trimming his nails but it still felt like he had miniature switch blades, Bob and I often looked like we had fallen into a briar patch.  He all ready though was getting into our hearts as he was not going to give into feeling bad and he was enjoying his new life of being the center of our attention. 
We finally were able to get him on kitten food so that dropped our pet food bill down and he was only eating kitty kibble no more soft food for him.  He also had a new little house in the truck that he liked to hide in and reach out a paw and snag us with.  Next though was to get his last shots and being neutered.  In a span of three months we had spent about $500 on our now five pound kitty.  But oh did he look good he was sleek, shiny black, healthy looking, and full of himself.
Squeaky is a riot and he was really enjoying playing with anything that moved or he could get to move.  Nothing was safe and he was defiant, he would do something wrong and turn to look at us...  We acquired two water squirt guns and became deadly accurate with them.  We had rules and by gosh he was going to abide by the rules...  Well two rules stuck; when moving down the road he is not allowed on the dash and now if we start the truck he gets down on his own accord, which fits his demeanor much better then having a wet face from a squirt gun blast.  He is not allowed on the counter top or the table in the truck and that took a little longer to learn but now he does not try to get on either one.  Did I mention he is a brilliant cat? 
As time was going on though his little very sharp claws were causing damage that looked a little like tiny pinholes in our seats and we knew we had to make a choice.  We did not want to declaw him and at the same time we did not want our truck destroyed.  It was either take him back home and leave him on the front porch to learn to fend for himself or to keep him in the truck with us without claws.  We chose to keep him and he is still ferocious Squeaky and if I have anything to do with it he will never realize anything different.  When we go home he terrorizes the dog and the other cats and plays just as much as he did before, we though no longer look as if we have fallen into a rose bush.
Fun things about Squeaky is that he goes by many names that all start with as S.  He was named Shredder for a while as we made the mistake of setting our BOL's on the floor and he promptly went to work with claws and teeth.  I barely got them away from him in time and with a little smoothing they did not look to bad.   He will wear little shirts and he seems to like his collar with a bell.  He wears his harness when outside but really does not like to get in and out of the truck and has to be carried.  Once on the ground he is cautious and likes to stay close as he explores.  He also has a cat playpen and if I sit outside to read he will go with me to watch.  I place his playpen partially in the sun and in the shade so he can stay cool or bask in the sun.   He knows his name and when we have long in-depth conversations he responds at the appropriate times with his thoughts by using little squeaks to loud meows.
What is great about having a cat in the truck is that he can stay for long periods by himself and be comfortable.  No need for us to rush out to the truck to take him outside.  With the generator on the truck it is always cool or warm so he is always comfortable.   He though lets us know as soon as we open the door what he thinks of us leaving him alone.  It really is kind of funny where our dogs were always thrilled to see us an wanting petted he will be sunning him self on the dash and at the same time being very vocal that he is missing a few kibble out of his food dish and he would like his water refreshed, and while at that maybe we should check the litter box. 
In the morning when he hears one of us move he is right there to say good morning and about time you are getting up.  Once again he needs some attention and he would like his food dish refilled, water refreshed, litter box cleaned, and to play for a bit before he takes his morning nap. 
So yes I have turned into "THE CRAZY CAT LADY" as I have found that a cat can be very entertaining in the truck, affectionate, and he is an easy keeper.   Just ask as I have several hundred pictures of a cute little black cat that I am ferociously protective of.








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Linda Caffee

Bob and Linda started their driver careers after their children left home for college in 2000. Bob started as a driver for a large motor carrier with Linda as a rider. They decided to enter the Expedite industry as team drivers in 2005 and purchased their first Freightliner. Both, Bob and Linda have had their Class A licenses since the early 80's starting out driving in the oil field and hauling grain as fill in drivers where Bob worked as a diesel mechanic. Linda worked at the local country courthouse in data processing.

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chetjester the last thing that Squeak wants to do is get out of our truck. When we go home or someplace he has to get out I have to carry him and he hangs on for dear life. Maybe you should give a cat a try and get a kitten that learns that the truck is home and their safe place. The only time he gets near and open window or open door is when he think no one is going to take him outside. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined what a great companion a cat can be.

September 11, 2016 6:20:36 AM

So entertaining. It's nice that you are enjoying Squeaky so much. He's beautiful. I always wanted a cat in a truck with me but was so afraid of it escaping I ended up with a Shih Tzu instead. Now I'm alone as the Shih Tzu likes to stay home and play with his girlfriend and two daughters.

September 10, 2016 16:41:50 PM