Many Americans eat with the goal of satisfying their hunger and they go about it with the mindset of satisfying their taste buds instead of eating for nutrition. You may be eating more than enough food, but are you satisfying your body’s innate need for balanced nutrition?

Hunger is triggered when the body needs calories for energy.  It needs nutritious calories in a healthy balance of protein, carbs, and fat, with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals daily.

A majority of the foods served at fast food restaurants are filled with salt, sugar, and tons of fat, which may taste good, but in excess will contribute to heart disease and obesity. If you are not getting proper nutrition, your body may signal constant hunger or a feeling of being unsatisfied. Filling your body with empty calories may keep your digestive system busy for a while, but you may soon feel groggy due to overeating while leaving your body starving for nutrition.

Healthy foods are tasty too! Know your facts and read your labels. Listen to your body!

Here are some examples of nutritious foods:

Vegetables Fruits Protein Good Fats Whole Grains
Asparagus Apples Chicken Almonds Oats
Broccoli Oranges Turkey Walnuts Wild rice
Green beans Pears Pork tenderloin Sunflower seeds Quinoa
Cauliflower Banana Red meat (<7% fat) Natural peanut butter Barley
Brussel sprouts Mango Salmon Natural almond butter 100% whole grain breads
Zucchini Kiwi Tuna Avocado Whole grain pasta
Leafy greens Prunes Eggs Olive oil Whole grain cereal
Tomato Figs Legumes Canola oil  
Carrots Berries Nuts Safflower oil  
Bell peppers Melons Seeds Flaxseed oil  
Red cabbage Grapes Low fat dairy    
Sweet potato Pineapple      

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Actually, there are problems with that guide. Whole grains are bad for you. They have been genetically modified so much now that one slice of bread will raise your glycemic level higher than a tablespoon of sugar. The vegetable fats, such as canola, are also modified. Unless you can be sure corn is non-gmo, don't eat it. Don't eat "low fat". Your body needs fat to get the nutrients through your body. Nuts and seeds are great, but they need to be raw, not roasted and salted. But thanks for bringing this to our attention. But, nutritional can be tasty too. Don't eat Cinnabon for breakfast!!

November 11, 2016 14:07:56 PM