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There was a recent post on the Women in Trucking face book page. The poster asked what breed of dog is the best for in the truck. As you might guess several drivers replied. Some people liked little dogs because they take up less space. There was a lot of support for pits, and dobermans for the protection that they provide. Many people posted pictures of their dogs. It was an interesting discussion.


My contribution was to consider adopting an adult dog. The Humane Society is a great place to find that perfect truck dog. Most communities have shelters that take in abandoned or lost dogs. That does not mean that there is anything wrong with the dog. The owner may have a child who is allergic. They may have had to move to a place that does not allow pets. Check on the dog's background. These shelters want to provide the dog with a forever home.


We adopted Jack from the Lake Shore Humane Society. They let me use pictures of some of their dogs. They are located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Look around your community. You will have no problem finding a shelter. They don't mind shoppers. Try looking at several shelters to find the right dog. Take the dog for a walk. They will let you. Most shelters have a room where you can sit down and visit with the dog. Interact with the dog. Remember that they want to match you up with the right dog.


Mature dogs may not be as cute as puppies, but they offer several advantages. They are through that chewing stage. They have developed personalities. Remember this decision in not for 10 months. Hopefully, it will be for 10 years or more. Jack lived with us for 13 years after we adopted him. 12 of those years were in the truck. His last year was retirement at home. He was a great addition to our family. I fell for Jack immediately, but we went through the process. We walked with him. We played with him. We spent time with him. The people at the shelters will be happy to share advice with you. Their goal is to set up a life long match.


Before starting the adoption process check with your company. Some companies don't allow dogs, even for owner operators. Some companies have weight limits. Train your dog. It does not have to do tricks. It has to come, sit, stay, and stop on command. I hope that you can find your forever dog. Your best chance at that might be to adopt a mature dog from your local shelter.

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Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark of Kewaunee, WI has been driving a truck for 24 years. He has been an owner operator for 11 years.

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I can see your point Martin. I miss having Jack with me, but he did create a challenge to keep the truck clean. My point though is really to consider adopting a mature dog. Jack was over a year old when we got him and we adapted well to each other immediately. Having a puppy in the truck is not something I would want. Thx Craig/Linda

June 08, 2014 20:54:29 PM

I love dogs....but not in my truck.

June 06, 2014 12:00:31 PM

Excellent advice Jeff. Hopefully anyone interested in getting a dog will take the time and try your advice before picking one.

June 04, 2014 8:01:30 AM

Very good article Jeff!

June 04, 2014 6:53:37 AM