First Month of Marathon Training

Once again, I have decided to run the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. It is on 5/20/18. This will be my 15th marathon start. My first 14 have included 3 DNFs (did not finish) 10 full (26.2 miles) finishes and one time when they shut the course down due to excessive heat. I don't count that as a finish, but I can't really call it a DNF either. Going in, I have limited optimism. My hope is to finsih with my best time yet, but finishing healthy brings staisfaction in itself.

Have a plan and follow the process. That applies to most things worth achieving. When you are trying to increase your MPG: Follow the process. Decrease your idle time. Increase your following distance. Run your engine at the optimal RPM. Anticipate both topography and traffic. Follow these steps and over the long run your MPG will improve.Training for a marathon also has a process.

At the start of November, I could run a little over a mile before taking a walk break. At the end of the month, I could run 3. That is OK. It isn't where I had hoped to be, but it is within range. The firsr month is largely about increasing strenth and flexibility. After breaking my foot last June, I got out of shape. I had this great plan to improve my 5k time after the marathon. That didn't happen. YOU CAN'T START FROM WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. YOU START FROM WHERE YOU ARE. Honest evaluation matters. On November 1st, I was in lousy shape.

The goal for November was to get my body ready to run. I had to build stregth in my legs and my back. The most common runner injuries occur because we don't prepare our bodies to run. We just run. Muscles hold our joints in place.When are joints get out of place, they hurt. My schedule allows me to get to a gym 3 times per week. I understand that is difficult for most truckers. Joining a gym that fits your needs is helpful. I would suggest doing some resistance training. It is easy to carry resistance bands in your truck. The FIT (Feightliner in cab training) systems is not a substitute to an actual gym, but it works. I would suggest picking up some ankle weights. ( I don't recommend using them while you run.). Use them for leg lifts and curls.The object is not to get bigger. The goal is to get stronger.

Walk before your run. I suggest 30 minutes. Don't try to run until you can walk at a brisk pace for 30 minutes. That is how I do it. 

The process for December is to continue to build stregth, and to build some more running into my routine. I need to drop weight. One goal is to be 10 pounds lighter at the end of december than I was at the beginning of November. My running goal is to be able to run 5 miles in less than 50 minutes by New Years Eve. To do this, I have to be smarter about my eating habits, while continuing to walk and run.


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Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark of Kewaunee, WI has been driving a truck for 24 years. He has been an owner operator for 11 years.

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