If you have not read the last blog please go back to my previous entry “I have been thinking about 45’s” as nothing below is going to make sense.

Let’s take a look at this subject and carry it on further on how it could affect the transportation industry in a positive manner. It can be argued if there is or isn’t a driver shortage but for the sake of this conversation lets go with there is a driver shortage. Employing Longer Combination Vehicles (LCV) would create a career path of advancement for the professional driver.

If LCV’s were regulated in the manner which is laid out in the New York Thruway regulations a driver would require several years of experience before acquiring the authorization to drive these longer vehicles on the prescribed authorized routes. This would create a value for the drivers who are qualified to operate LCV’s. Which in turn creates a career path.

Currently a professional driver can start out with nearly all of their qualifications on day one without such a defined career path.  There are parts of our interstate system which could easily support even longer LCV’s which could start equaling the road trains in Australia.  

In the end this would create a clear and defined career path much like the airline industry has.  The example being an airline pilot does not start out flying a Trans-Atlantic 747 Jumbo Jet. 

I will bring up other examples in my next blog of graduated licenses.


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