Another driver and I were talking the other day over dinner and we started sharing thoughts regarding common courtesies and best practices. The list got so long I decided to write these best practices down to share with all of you. Let’s take care of the don’ts first.

  • Don’t block the intersection or driveways entrances.

  • Turn on clearance lights when someone is backing in beside you.

  • When you observe, someone trying to back into a parking spot or dock, turn off headlights as to not blind them in their mirrors or windows. Your headlights can cause a glare on their windows or mirrors making the maneuver more difficult/risky than necessary.

  • Instead of reaching for your phone to record someone’s truck maneuvering mishap, honk your horn, and get out and help.

  • Stop behind the solid white line at an intersection

  • Don’t switch lanes when there is a solid line, especially in construction zones with two lanes of travel.

  • Don’t makeup time in construction zones, truck stops, shipper, or receiver parking lots.

  • Don’t try to pass someone who’s road speed is marginally faster than your own in dense traffic causing a rolling roadblock.

  • Don’t take your frustration out on the travel center waitress, fuel desk attendant, or other employees.

  • Do get out and help someone when you see them struggling to make a difficult maneuver.

  • Do tell someone if they have a light out, a strap loose, or a tire about to blow, or any other defect on their truck or trailer.

  • Move over for emergency vehicles or any other vehicle that may be on the shoulder of the road, if not possible to move over make sure at the very least to slow down.

  • Don’t take your mandatory break at the fuel islands when there is someone behind you or move to another location if someone pulls in behind you.

  • Road Rage – if another vehicle is really starting to get under your skin while traveling down the highway, get off at the next exit and stop for a minute. Next walk around the truck, to calm down before getting back on roadway, and most likely you will not see the offending vehicle again

  • If you are missing your exit don’t make erratic moves, go to next exit, turn around and go back.

  • If you see a lot of skid marks on the road be aware there is a problem often in this area. Use this as an indicator to be extra vigilant.

  • Do wait to enter the intersection till you are sure you can make it all the way across before stopping.

Well, dinner break is done, this is a short list, please feel free to add your best practices.


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