Seats have come a very long way since I first drove a truck back in 1980. The first truck I ever drove was a LT9000 Ford dump truck. I think it was a 1972 but I'm not sure. For the seat it was little more than a box with some foam and vinyl covering. A three-hour day was more than you wanted. These days the seats have many adjustments to get you comfortable. 
A long good day is doing your 11 hours driving and still having the energy to go for a walk after dinner and a shower. A good long day is one you suffer through your 11 hours driving and have just enough energy to crawl into bed after taking some aspirin for the pain in your back and legs, dreading the next day. 
What we hope will happen with this video is to help you adjust your seat to fit you. If you are not comfortable in the seat, fatigue will set in quickly, almost making that great load a pain in the back, neck and legs. A properly adjusted seat will make you a safer happier driver.

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