My posts are usually regarding aspects of business, the Cascadia  and experiences over the road. As much as I enjoy driving this state of the art truck with all its new technology, sometimes its good to focus on line one of our log books. With Memorial weekend upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to concentrate on “Line One” time. The line I’m referring to, is the 1st line on a driver daily log book.  It’s what we know as “Off Duty.”

This weekend, I plan on taking a few days off to rest. My 18 year old son will hold his graduation party at our home on Saturday, which includes about 15 – 20 teenagers. We’ve ordered plenty of decorations,  food and cake… should be a fun time. I can’t believe he’s already graduating from high school. Wow! time goes by so quickly and our children grow so fast. My plans are to take him to a race on Friday night. Also, my family and I plan to spend some time on the lake.

I will admit that it takes some time for me to get into “relax” mode. However, I do feel it’s very important for each of us to take some time out for ourselves to do something we enjoy every now and then. Also, spending quality time with our children makes them and us better people and you can never get that time back… so don’t put it off until later.

When your out on the road and have some free time, it’s nice to visit a local museum, park or attraction located in the area. I don’t often get the opportunity to do this… only on occasion. Many times if I’m waiting to get loaded or unloaded, I’ll read a book or take a walk. Some drivers take a bicycle along with them and take a ride if given the chance. This offers not only fresh air but needed exercise.

I would like to hear some comments regarding how you spend your “line one” time. For me, this is an area in which I need to improve. Let me and other drivers out here know what your doing as it may give each of us some ideas and neat places to visit while “Off Duty.”
Take time this Memorial weekend to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country and the freedoms we enjoy. Next week, I’ll be back on the road and will resume business. Till next time, be safe…


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