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Knowing that a Pre-Trip and Post-Trip was performed my heart still skips several beats when I hear those words...  I play the "What If" game all the way into the inspection bay.
This recently happened in New Mexico on a bright beautiful day and as I pulled over the inspection pits in bay 2. I was hoping I would be just as cheerful when I pulled back out.  Our Cascadia looks brand new on the surface and underneath even with 240,000 miles.  As I was stopping I could hear the inspectors talking about the painted lettering on our tires and how nice they looked. 
The officer asked for all of my paperwork, including our last bill of lading of where we just delivered.  When I told her we were using an EOBR she asked that the logs be faxed to the scale.  Next they tested our headlights, turn signals. 4-ways, windshield wipers, and horn which all passed with flying colors. 
Next I was asked to release the brakes and pump the brakes till the alarm sounded that I had low air pressure, which worked perfectly.  I got out of the truck to open the hood and show the officer our secured fire extinguisher and also our triangles.  While I was doing this one of the female officers went down into the pit to inspect the brakes and undercarriage of the truck.
I could hear her underneath the truck saying "This is absolutely beautiful" several times and THEN all of the sudden she went silent and her head popped out from under the truck asking for help.  The officer I was speaking to went back and called another officer over to look.  I was wondering to myself "What in the world have they found that has them so puzzled and then the light bulb went off in my head! It was our chains".  I stepped back to that area of the truck and asked if they were looking at the OnSpot automatic chains?

They all turned and looked at me as if I had two heads... Those are what?  Two of them had been truck drivers and the older one looks at me and says please tell me these are a brand new item.  Nope these chains have been around a very long time, and we all start talking about how the chains are deployed.  They are still a little puzzled over how the chains actually work so I get them a brochure and DVD explaining the chains and also a brochure about Team Run Smart. 
This inspection is like many others we have had where the discussion turns to questions about our truck and expediting.  All four of the inspectors talked about how much they liked our truck, how well it was set up and cared for, and to have a great day. Due to Bob's diligence in inspecting the Caffcadia she is always in top form and the inspectors have always expressed appreciation for a well-maintained vehicle. 

As I  pulled away from the scale I had a smile on my face for several reasons, the inspection went perfectly, I was able to meet four very interesting DOT inspectors, share information with them, and they saved us some money as that is one less inspection we have to pay for.

Onspot Automatic Chains

Coops are Open

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January 07, 2018


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From what I understand the chains tap into the existing air lines of the air ride trailers and also tap into the wiring with two switches on the dash for tractor or trailer. To be positive it would be best to ask these questions as I am sure each set up is looked at differently.

May 13, 2013 17:55:56 PM


I have never seen them on a trailer. I would love to know how they control them from the tractor. Do they just run another airline?

May 10, 2013 8:31:06 AM

Craig you are amazing! Thank you for posting that information on here and all of the work you went to get the correct info. We know of a few people that own their trailer that have the auto chains on truck and trailer. That is not cheap but is very valuable in a team operation. Once again thank you for posting the information you found!

May 09, 2013 18:11:54 PM

I will happily admit publicily that I now have egg on my face. You are correct in thinking the automatic chains are approved traction devices in Oregon. I called the Motor Carrier Transportation Division in Salem and the Ashland Port of Entry just north of the California line, both said they are approved so that is great news. In talking to the Salem office we both remember they were not approved when they first hit the market, but that was a few years ago and I just didn't keep up with the times.

Now if they would come up with a way to get them to work on a combination vehicle. The Ashland port of entry said they see them on the tractor and then standard chains are thrown on the trailer. Of course this doesn't apply to your vehicle.

I am terribly sorry to have posted inaccurate information. Thank you for throwing up the question and making me dig deeper! As always, I learn a lot on this site even when it's my mistake in the beginning.

May 09, 2013 15:03:04 PM

Craig I need to do some more checking as I have it in my head these chains are legal in Oregon. I have time to do some digging before winter comes again. We carry one extra set of chains for wide base singles that can be used on our pusher axle if required.

May 08, 2013 20:12:47 PM

The automatic chains are very handy and I wish they qualified everywhere. I see them on municipal fire trucks and school buses but the last time I checked, in Oregon they do not qualify as a traction device. When going over the passes you still have to carry and use normal tire chains.

May 07, 2013 14:08:49 PM

I love it!

May 07, 2013 9:41:02 AM

A great example of a attitude determining the outcome!

May 04, 2013 12:48:06 PM

Automatic chains, interesting.

May 04, 2013 12:17:32 PM

Joe thanks for the comment. Attitude is everything and I know we (Bob) keeps a watchful eye on our truck at all times. This scale was very busy as I followed a truck as it pulled out of the bay and it was not long before another straight local delivery truck pulled in beside me. I find it interesting how many scale personnel we meet that were former truck drivers.

May 03, 2013 6:04:19 AM

“Caffcadia?” That’s funny!

Attitude is everything. When I was a cop someone could just as easily talk their way out of a ticket as into one – guess which one had a bad attitude? People are people and most want to be treated respectfully regardless of the situation.

May 02, 2013 17:05:03 PM

The scale personnel had not heard of Team Run Smart and so I was able to educate them on this website and leave a couple of brochures.

Jeff you are right attitude really helps and this inspection keeps us from having to pay for an inspection and saving money is high up on my list of reasons to smile.

May 02, 2013 12:32:58 PM

Good attitude is so important. I have seen drivers with attitude have problems. Being polite and professional goes a long way.

May 02, 2013 12:09:07 PM

Linda - Had they heard of Team Run Smart before?

May 02, 2013 11:54:06 AM

Awesome! Handing out brochures at the coops is a good sign that you"ll pass the inspection.

May 02, 2013 7:03:56 AM


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