The Trucking Solutions Group recently had a conference call with a researcher on the truck parking shortage. The parking shortage is real when you need a spot and one is not where you expect it. It is my belief that part of the problem is the inexperience or unfamiliarity of many drivers. This industry churns drivers. Many are out of the industry long before they know enough to make the job a little easier on themselves. They know where the major truck stops are, but not much else.

The other week my day started in Franksville, WI with a load that delivered in Beaver Dan, WI. My next pick up was a load out of Green Bay going to Monroe, OH. My goal was to make it through Indianapolis. Then take I70 east towards Ohio. I74 would be the shorter route by about 10 miles. Unfortunately there is a dearth of truck parking along I74. I70 has a lot more options. Chicago was the wild card. If I could make it through the windy in good shape, I could make it past Indianapolis. The unfortunate timing was unfortunate. I would be hitting the Chicago area near rush hour and would probably be delayed. After skipping the high dollar toll at the top, I got on the tollway. It didn't help enough.

I hit the 140 mile marker on I65 with about 40 minutes of drive time left. There would be truck parking available at the 139mm or the 130mm – if I was willing to pay for it. I tried one of my regular stops and it was full. Then I remembered a little breakfast place called Flap – Jacks across the street with truck parking. They had room for me The breakfast was good and it cost $9.16 cents. Throw in a $2 tip and it was $11.16 or a little less that paying for a spot would have cost.

There are small diners and restaurants throughout the country that provide parking. Veteran drivers know where a lot of these places are. I frequent Tabbert's in Rosendale, WI. I pay for my supper at the 5 & 20 Diner or the Sunrise Cafe in Shipshewana, IN with the money that I save by avoiding the Indiana Tollway. There is a Diner near Delavan, WI on I43 with a ton of truck parking and great food. Make sure that if you park at these places to patronize them and leave them at least as clean as you found them.

These places are not the solution to the truck parking problem. They are a small part of it. So are shippers and consignees that allow us to camp overnight. There is no one solution. My one suggestion is to say thanks – I appreciate you letting me park here. Sure, experience knowing where these places are matters. Saying thanks, is also a part of the solution.

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Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark of Kewaunee, WI has been driving a truck for 24 years. He has been an owner operator for 11 years.

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January 08, 2020


Not much Chet - Stopping at Tabbert's in Rosendale, WI is one of my faves. There is about a 50 mile truck stop gap from Oshkosh, WI to Columbus, WI. Tabbert's is a nice refuge and a hat breakfast or dinner.

May 14, 2016 20:28:28 PM

Anybody who has been to Nogales knows how tough it is to park there. I deliver there almost every week and have found interesting places to park. If I drop my trailer at either of the two spots I know, full or empty, I can bobtail to the Pilot and have easy parking. My trailer is left very close to the Border Patrol Headquarters off 189 and, after putting a king pin lock on the trailer, I leave it without worrying about it. It makes me love Nogales as my load into Nogales is around 1800 miles and right now watermelons are running if one has a reefer or vented van (I have the vented van) and pays very well right now. If the watermelons are running late from Mexico where I pick up, which means I won't get loaded until tomorrow, I'm allowed to drop my trailer there and, again, I bobtail to the Pilot.

Nogales is what Laredo was like when only the Pilot was there. Except, the Pilot in Nogales (Rio Rico) doesn't charge for parking. But it's too small. Hopefully, some day, other truck stops will locate there. There is a plethora of produce leaving Nogales.

I like looking for the smaller truck stops. I stop often at the "101 Truck Stop" in Calhoun, LA (mm101, lol). It's small, but when I sit down at the counter of the Huddle House all the wait staff knows I want a Garden Omelette, Hash Browns and a biscuit, no gravy. What could be better than that?

May 14, 2016 15:33:43 PM