I wanted to give you an update on how my new 2018 Freightliner Cascadia is performing. For those who are not familiar with this new truck, it is equipped with the Aero X Model powered by the Detroit Integrated Power Train package which includes the DD15 400 HP/1750 FPT, DT12 direct drive AMT transmission followed by 2.16  tandem drive axles with Active Lube Management and a 223 inch wheel base.

The beginning of this trucks life has begun with many demonstration rides which typically do nothing positive for achieving great fuel mileage. The drives are short in nature and full of stop and go. The average fuel mileage at this time comes in at 9.97 mpg with 19,789 miles. My worst fuel mileage came in at 8.698 mpg. This particular load had multiple demonstration rides, windy conditions throughout the trip and a gross vehicle weight of 73K. My best tankful has come in at 11.316 mpg. On this trip, I took a shipment to the northeast which included over 250 miles of secondary road travel and participated in the 28 mile long Make a Wish Convoy. The positive aspect of this fuel mileage result was the light load which put my gross vehicle weight at 41K. I have had three tankfuls that I would classify under the category as normal on my regular run from the Carolinas to Laredo, TX. These tankfuls have yielded fuel mileage results to include 10.001, 10.135 and 9.986.

At this point, I have been very pleased with the fuel mileage results especially considering that I have gone from powering only one axle in the previous truck to two on my current Cascadia. I am hoping to soon take what is one of my heavier loads to Michigan and back to the Carolinas to see what kind of mileage and performance I can expect while traveling through the mountains with a heavier load. I will keep you posted on future results.



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