Because owner-operators are responsible for calculating and paying their own tax, they are also responsible for deducting expenses, which can significantly lower their tax burden. While the IRS does not conveniently list every deduction possible for an owner-operator, companies such as ATBS are here to review, scan and advise clients on their tax filing

Some commonly overlooked tax deductions are Internet, Smartphones and Other Devices. These gadgets are quickly becoming an integral part of the owner-operator’s world. You now have a license to search the Internet and find the tools and apps that are most helpful to owner-operators -- especially now, since you can write off the costs associated with these tools!
Tax Deductions for TruckersWrite-Off #1: Smartphone Apps
There is a growing list of apps that owner-operators rely on to make their life and business run smoothly. From the Cat Scales App to Load Boards, and from the Pegasus Smart Phone Scanning App to TA Petro’s TruckSmart App, the list is growing! Any and all costs associated with apps can be claimed as a business expense on your tax filing. Just be sure to keep a record of your purchase and the costs associated with them so you can easily write them off at tax time.
Write-Off #2: Business Portals
There are some businesses that offer owner-operators a secure, online portal where you can access scanned receipts, review your profit and loss statement, obtain tax estimates, and review your profit plan [aka, your budget!]. The cost to have these services is deductible so be sure and consider this when approaching a business partner who can manage your taxes, accounting, and your online portal.
Write-Off #3: Internet Costs
If you are able to bring WiFi into the cab, this cost is a tax deduction. Consider investing in the ability to have WiFi in your sleeper giving you the chance to be productive at the end of your day or the end of your route. Many owner-operators opt to create an office  in their truck’s cab and can offer advice as to the set-up and organization.
Write-Off #4: Devices
Today’s mobile technology is more affordable than ever and more owner-operators are investing in tablets, Smartphones and laptops for their business that takes them on the road.  The cost of these business tools are a deduction, so you’ll want to save the receipt and send them to your tax preparer who can use this to lower your tax liability.
Technology today can be fun and more importantly, smart for your business success. Owner-operators are on the road a lot and in an excellent position to invest in and write-off technology tools.

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Amy Nack

Ms. Nack is a dynamic and innovative marketing leader with 10+ years of broad-ranging experience in industries ranging from small consumer marketing firms to multi-billion dollar healthcare distributors. Amy is currently the VP of Sales and Marketing at ATBS. Ms. Nack graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in International Relations and earned her Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from the University of Dayton.

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I completely agree with you, Darren! It's time to embrace these changes, and make them work for us!

August 22, 2014 7:48:22 AM

Great article Amy, I see far too many drivers still clinging onto their flip phones, not willing to embrace all that smartphone technology can do improve their operating capabilities. Frequently I mention that these can be considered as tax deductible to offset the costs associated with them. Slowly, through the sharing of how I use mine, they are opening their minds to new tech and treating them as business devices that can be treated as deductibles instead of novelty toys.

August 19, 2014 12:00:13 PM