We spend hours a day in our seats in the truck, thats how we make a living. With that time comes wear and tear. Good seats are expensive, however, if you are happy with the seats you have but are showing their age, they can be repaired.

We rescued a kitten a few years ago and brought him on the truck. Having never had a cat before, we didn’t know what to expect. Squeaky had claws, he used them for everything from protection to playing. In his playing he started leaping and climbing on the seats, creating quite a bit of damage. Squeeky no longer has claws, he is a great companion and a joy to have with us, we are now his protection but he still likes to leap and play.  Now it’s time to repair the seats by replacing the seat covers, I like to do as much as I can myself,so here goes.

One phone call to our local Freightliner dealer got us the new covers. They had to order them but it was only a few days and we were ready for a  change. We went from tan Ultra-leather to a darker, brown cloth. The project took about one and a half hours with minimal tools. There is four pieces to each seat, seat bottom, seat back, and a right and left armrest. I believe you can also order new foam if needed, a whole new seat without the cost.

The tools required are a T-25 torx bit and driver, a flat screwdriver is helpful. If you have armrests you will also need a sharp knife or box cutter, for cutting holes in the new cover to reinstall the armrests, and a T-45 torx bit and driver to remove and reinstall the bolt that holds the armrest in place.

In the video you will see how to remove and reinstall the covers. This was the first time I changed our covers so this was a learning experience for me as well. Have fun and enjoy your “new” seats.


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