Changing your cabin air filter isn’t something most people think about. Older trucks didn’t have one, and the heater core and the A/C evaporator tended to plug with lint and fine dust. Cleaning these was difficult at best. Usually, the only way you knew there was a problem was the airflow would almost stop, not good for keeping you warm or cool.

The HVAC engineers realized there was a great way to improve the efficiency of the unit. Bringing in outside air is very common, with that comes whatever is in the air. A filter will stop most particles giving you cleaner fresh air. We now have a cabin air filter. In some trucks, there is an inside air filter that will filter the air being recirculated thru the cab. I will do another video for cleaning this one.

In the video, I already have the hood open. From the passenger side, you can find the location of the cabin air filter on the firewall. There is a large black casting that some hoses go into, which is the HVAC system. The filter is located behind a simple door, easy to remove, no tools required. The video will show the location and the steps taken to replace the filter element.

Enjoy the video, be safe out there, and breathe easy.


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CVSA's Roadcheck 2024

May 10, 2024