There are two air filters for the HVAC system on the New Cascadia. One for the outside air inlet and one for the recirculate or inside the air filter. We did a video on changing the outside filter previously. The recirc filter can be cleaned or replaced, available at your favorite Freightliner dealer.

Whether you decide to clean or replace the filter, the process is the same. On the dash facing the passenger seat is a panel that will pop off with a bit of a tug. Behind this panel are the fuse blocks and the recirc filter. No tools are required to change the filter. Slide it out, clean, or replace it and reinstall. Reinstall the dash panel and you are done.

This filter needs to be checked often if you have pets or if you run the A/C on recirc very much. The more you run the HVAC on recirc the more often you should check/clean this filter. It will significantly affect the efficiency of the HVAC system.

If you have a favorite scent, you can put a few essential oil drops on the filter to keep your cab smelling pleasant.

Till next time breathe easy.


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