Sleeping we learned was going to be our most difficult obstacle to overcome and we both had this problem.  We trusted each others driving what we had a problem with was the movement of the truck, the noise of passing vehicles, and getting our minds to shut off and relax.  We share several tips on how we finally learned to relax so we could sleep.  We also discover what will become our ultimate driving shifts - Bob is a night person and I am a morning person and we have that same schedule to this day.

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Linda Caffee

Bob and Linda started their driver careers after their children left home for college in 2000. Bob started as a driver for a large motor carrier with Linda as a rider. They decided to enter the Expedite industry as team drivers in 2005 and purchased their first Freightliner. Both, Bob and Linda have had their Class A licenses since the early 80's starting out driving in the oil field and hauling grain as fill in drivers where Bob worked as a diesel mechanic. Linda worked at the local country courthouse in data processing.

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Great video and good ideas

January 03, 2017 19:32:05 PM

Bob was the cause of these rules.... He really likes the comedy channel and he really can laugh loud! He also learned to sleep easier then I did. He has the amazing ability to be able to wake up and do something then go right back to sleep. Amazing

December 08, 2016 5:29:40 AM

Great video Bob and Linda!

December 07, 2016 13:46:26 PM

Another great video. Bob seems a little less excited about the rules of the truck.

December 07, 2016 7:16:28 AM