What to do when we cannot get to sleep on our ten-hour break?


What do you do if your trying to get to sleep and know you need a good night sleep and can’t fall asleep?

For myself when I know I need a really good night’s sleep I will turn on some mellow music the last part of my day. After I am parked at the end of my shift I will heat up some water and make myself some Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea.

Next, I make sure my sleeper is very dark and cool as we sleep better in cooler conditions. I have heard of some people having success with spraying their sheets and pillows with Lavender Sheet Spray.

I try to find a quiet parking spot so I can take advantage of the well-insulated Cascadia and the benefits of the battery powered Park Smart HVAC System. Other drivers I have talked with will use a small fan to stay cool and for background noise.

Sometimes when I am really wound up I will look up a relaxation video on You Tube. Some of these videos can be anything from the sound of a rain storm, babbling brook, or the ocean waves.

Linda, fellow Team Run Smart Pro’s has other problems when they cannot get to sleep in a team driving situation.

Next, I would like to go into a list of things I do not do when I know I need a good night’s sleep.

  • I avoid caffeine the last three to four hours of my day.

  • I do not, as temping as it may be eat any Carrot Cake (that really keeps me awake)

  • Don’t go to bed mad or upset

  • Put your phone down

  • I don’t like to go onto any of the truck forums as there may be a subject that will get me wound up

  • Don’t focus on what went wrong during that day

If you have not had a great night’s sleep stop a few extra times during your driving shift to take a walk and stretch. If you feel tired stop there is no load worth you falling asleep behind the wheel. Drink lots of water. Listen to music you enjoy, radio talk shows, or listen to a good book. My go to is to get a slice of Carrot Cake and while I know it is not the healthiest choice it does have carrot in the name so there has to be some good! Also of note with this tacit it is going to be a short term burst of energy as it will not carry you through the entire day.


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