Mark Willis is live on Sirius/XM each weekday from 1:00 EST to 3:00 EST and has a replay in the evenings.  His show is on the Road Dog Channel 146 and Henry and I’s segment moves around on what date and what time we are on.  Our next show is August 27th 2:00 EST. 


One of my jobs on the show is to keep Henry on his toes and those of you that know Henry realize what a hard job I have.  If you have listened to past shows you will know I have tried to pull one over on him and he still got the last word and the last laugh.  Other topics that I get to talk about include our life on the road as a team, my experiences as a women truck driver, and our beloved pets. 

Mark has kept both of us very alert as he keeps marrying me off to different people that call in, a guest host had me married to Henry, leading up to Henry finally saying we were going to have to get a divorce as I had too many husbands LIVE ON THE AIR.  Mark has had a lot of fun with this marriage business and Henry true to form keeps us in stitches over the subject.  I think finally, well maybe, well I am not sure but I think that finally, everyone is on the same page of who I am married to. Funny how this all started as on the first show with Mark, Bob and I were celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary.

Once on the radio, I tried to compare how we as a team can get across the country faster than Henry and before I knew it Henry came back with it takes two of us to keep up with him.  For those that know Henry and I we are both competitive and are always trying to top the other and some funny conversations come out of this.  What is even more fun is that Mark is joining in with us or goading us on.

Who knows on the next show what we will talk about or what path of conversation Mark will lead us down.  One thing I do know for sure is that we will all have fun.  I hope you will take the time to listen and call in.

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