Recently, I've started working on exercising while on the road and have started working on my cardio first. When I started, my goal was to complete one mile in the morning and one mile in the evening. Yesterday, I broke 3-miles.

I’ve learned a few things while starting on this journey. I did some research and found out that 32 trips around your truck with a trailer is about one mile. In order to track my walks, I downloaded a walking app. There are a variety of fitness apps available, so be sure to test a few out and find the one that works best for you. After building up to it, I started tracking my progress and have noticed a significant increase in my energy level and my breathing has not been labored. 

Sometimes when you're strapped for time, you can walk around your truck while backed into the dock. I usually do all my paperwork first and then try to knock out my mile walk while at the shipper or receiver. Depending on your situation, you may not be able to do this. Luckily 98% of my hauls are live-load, so I can do it. Just make sure to ask if it’s ok before you start your laps.

By building exercise into your daily trucking routine, you not only get your exercise in but walking around also gives you a chance to look over your truck. Think of this as a one-mile mid-trip inspection, so to speak. 

I challenge everyone to get out and start walking a mile a day. You may need to ease into it, but the hardest part is starting… and I think everyone can do it!

‘Til next time, keep the rubber side down and in between the lines.

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David Morreau II

David Morreau is the Owner/President of Morreau Transport LLC and is currently a lease-purchase owner-operator with Holland Enterprises, based in Fargo, North Dakota. David pulls a 53' refrigerated trailer hauling temperature sensitive cargo across the 48 states for Holland Enterprises.

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