Happy April Everyone! As you know in the trucking business we have many locations that are fairly straight forward to get in and out of.
Every once in a while though, we have some places we go that are quite impossible due to the age of the facility or just poor construction.

Well recently I experienced quite an interesting ordeal due to the facility having new drainage being run in the parking lot.

I checked in with my customer and was given a door assignment of door 5, which was on the end of the building by the entrance.                                               

I was just starting my approach to that door when I noticed a 3 foot wide notch about 2 to 2 1/2 feet deep, right in front of the dock I was assigned.

I tried several times, both sight-side and blind-side, to get into the dock but there was simply no good way for my truck and trailer to align with the dock.

I realized that even if I was able to back in the door, I would be blocking the entrance for other drivers attempting to load at this facility.

So after seeing that door 6 was available, I backed in with no trouble at all. I headed inside to let the loader know I was in 6 instead of 5 because of the construction and then asked if I could see the warehouse manager.

After explaining my situation to the manager, he still seemed confused about why I wasn’t able to make it into my originally assigned spot.

I had him come with me outside to show him my truck (a Cascadia with a 72” sleeper and longer wheelbase that if the trench was filled in, it wouldn’t be an issue) and although door 6 was still tight it was doable.

We both agreed that the spot wouldn’t work for just any truck and he made a note to ask the next driver that got into that door if he was a day cab or sleeper truck.

I’d like to think that I was able to help the next guy trying to do his job at that facility without losing a bumper or fender. Sometimes it pays to think outside your original assigned door.

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David Morreau II

David Morreau is the Owner/President of Morreau Transport LLC and is currently a lease-purchase owner-operator with Holland Enterprises, based in Fargo, North Dakota. David pulls a 53' refrigerated trailer hauling temperature sensitive cargo across the 48 states for Holland Enterprises.

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